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The top 10 Custom PC builder websites of 2022 Review

The top 10 Custom PC builder websites of 2022

AVADirect might have the most robust catalog of among all of the options on this list. From high-end gaming desktops, to custom-built gaming laptops, to workstations, to mini-PC builds, to even extreme tablets, AVA Direct has a ton of different system options and configurations to choose between.

AVADirect also sellls individual components as well, with the option to buy everything from desktop hard drives to headsets, keyboards, and mice.

They have custom-built gaming desktops starting at $919 and custom built laptops starting at $1,099. And, they offer financing on all of their systems if you’re looking to split your investment into smaller amounts.

Author: Brent Hale
December 8, 2022

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