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Shuttle XPC SZ77R5 Black Mini PC Barebone, LGA1155, Intel® Z77, DDR3-1600 32GB /4, PCIe x16, SATA 6 Gb/s /2, DVI + HDMI, USB 3.0 /4, HDA, GbLAN, 500W PSU

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Manufacturer: SHUTTLE


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A New Breed of Mini Gaming PC

The SZ77R5 is a mainstream system for gaming, entertainment and multimedia purpose. It features Intel® Z77 Express chipset and supports the Intel® 22nm Ivy Bridge Processor. Compared to its predecessor Sandy Bridge, the new design brings some improvements in overall performance, overclocking, power management and also features PCIe v3.0 and DDR3-1600 capability, an updated DirectX 11 graphics, new security features and CPU instructions. In addition, the SZ77R5 supports four native USB 3.0 ports that come with better power saving.


Support the Intel 22nm Ivy Bridge Processor Compared to its predecessor Sandy Bridge, the new design benefits Shuttle SZ77R5 which brings some improvements in overall performance, overclocking, power management and also features PCIe v3.0 and DDR3-1600 capability, an updated DirectX 11 graphics, new security features and CPU instructions.

The New R5 Chassis Design Shuttle has always placed great emphasis on the interior and exterior aesthetics of the XPC, with the belief that a good blend of style and form factor allows the XPC to be attractive, versatile, and work well in almost any environment. R5 is the new chassis design for the middle to high-end series XPCs in the year 2012. The chassis and case cover are made of aluminum and come with a sleek brushed metal front fascia.

Intel® Rapid Storage Technology Intel® Rapid Storage Technology offers new levels of protection, performance, and expandability for desktop platforms. By seamlessly storing copies of data on one or more additional hard drives, any hard drive can fail without data loss or system downtime. When the failed drive is removed and a replacement hard drive is installed, data fault tolerance is easily restored. The SZ77R5 has the capacity for four 2.5” HDDs by replacing with Shuttle PHD3 3.5” to 2.5” HDD rack.

Native USB 3.0 Support The SZ77R5 sports four USB 3.0 ports (2x front, 2x rear) and USB 2.0 x6 ports. USB 3.0 achieves a maximum data rate of up to 5.0Gbps (640MBytes/sec) USB 3.0 also comes with better power saving features to let your devices consume less power when in idle mode.

Support 2x mini card slots

Shuttle SZ77R5 features two Mini-Card expansion slots. One is a half size Mini-PCI-Express slot dedicated for Wireless LAN adapter cards. The second features a combo port with Mini-PCI-Express &mSATA interface (Mini Serial ATA) which supporting the new generation of Solid State Drives (SSD) in a compact Mini PCIe card form factor.

DVI-I+HDMI Output for Dual View

Dual View technology offers multiple display support on up to two separate monitors. This help to improve on productivity by allowing to spread multiple windows across two monitors while working with them simultaneously. The SZ77R5 provides HDMI and DVI-I with full 1080p support to deliver the stunning full HD and 3D graphics for high-end users. With additional adapters, DVI-D devices can be connected to the HDMI port while D-SUB(VGA) can be connected to DVI-I.

Mini-ITX Mainboard Support

Shuttle expands the capabilities of its R chassis, adding support for Mini-ITX mainboards (17 x 17cm or 6.7 x 6.7 inches). The Shuttle chassis can go beyond the Shuttle mainboard, so you can easily upgrade or downgrade the mainboard to your desire, without any modifications to the chassis.

Intel® Z77 Express Chipset

The Z77 chipset consists of a single chip and integrates the hard drive controller, network controllers, monitor and physical interfaces, PCIe links and other input/output functionalities. It combines the advantages of the predecessor Z68 plus native support for four USB 3.0 ports.

Support PCI Express X16 Gen. 3.0 The SZ77R5 supports the new PCI-Express x16 Version 3.0 specification in combination with the 22nm Intel Ivy Bridge processor slot delivering a bandwidth of up to 16GB/s which is twice the speed of PCI-E 2.0. It offers backward compatibility with PCI-E 1.0 and PCI-E 2.0 devices. There is plenty of potential for PC users who aim to optimize the graphics performance.

Intel® Smart Response Technology The Shuttle XPC Barebone SZ77R5 supports the much anticipated Intel Smart Response Technology which allows a SATA solid-state drive (SSD up to 60GB) to function as cache for a conventional hard disk drive (HDD). It uses intelligent block-based caching of frequently used applications to improve system performance and responsiveness.

Support Dual Slot Graphic Card

With the space-efficient design, the SZ77R5 is as roomy as it gets. Not only it’s space-saving but also it maximizes the need for high-end users and markets. The designs for dual-slot graphic cards provide the users a faster and smarter performance.
* Supports high-end graphics card AMD Radeon™ HD 7970 and NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX 580

Quick Charge USB Port

The Shuttle Smart USB Port is a USB port which allows fast power charging when a smart phone or tablet PC plugin is detected. It is designed to feed power up to 5V/2A(varies with different smart devices) no matter when the system power is on or off.
* Smart USB port compatible for Shuttle R5 series models
* 2A only available for Windows XP and Windows 7 O.S. The normal charge 500mA applies to other mobile devices and Linux O.S.

Integrated Cooling Engine Technology (I.C.E.)

Allowing XPC to remain under a stable, cool, concise and silent condition, the Shuttle I.C.E. heat pipe Technology uses convection cooling to dissipate heat away from and around the CPU. With all the same basic concepts and designs, the I.C.E. copper tubes coated in nickel enhances tube hardness and rust-proof protection are filled with distilled water, effectively channels heat away, providing high efficiency processor and chassis cooling.

80 PLUS BRONZE certified 500W Power Supply

The 80 PLUS ® performance specification requires power supplies in computers and servers to be 80% or greater energy efficient. This makes an 80 PLUS certified power supply up to 33% more efficient than current power supplies. 500W high efficiency & energy saving power supply of SZ77R5 guaranteed by 80 PLUS BRONZE certification. In addition, the power supply uses a 50mm cooling fan providing the same airflow, but spins slower than previous 40mm models to make the system run even more quietly.


Form Factor Shuttle Form factor
Processor Intel Ivy Bridge Core i7, Core i5 and Core i3 processor LGA1155 socket
95w max. Support
Chipset Intel Z77
Memory DDR3 1333/1600 MHz support RAM Socket * 4, Dual channels support
up to 32 GB total (8GB*4)
VGA Integrated in CPU
Audio Realtek ALC888S
7.1 channel High Definition Audio
Ethernet Realtek RTL 8111E
10Mb/s,100Mb/s,1Gb/s operation
Support Wake-On-LAN function
Storage Interface SATA 6G
Onboard Connectors (2) 4 Pin fan connector
(2) SATA 2.0 connectors
(2) SATA 3.0 connectors
(1) ATX main power (2*10)
(1) ATX main power (2*2)
(2) 2x5 pin USB header
(1) RS232 header
(1) Low Pin Count header
(1) SP/DIF header
(1) AUX-in header
Front Panel (1) USB 2.0 Port
(1) USB 2.0 Port with mobile charger
mobile device charger feature
(2) USB 3.0 Port
(1) External microphone jack 1/8”
(1) External headphone jack 1/8”
(1) Power button
(1) HDD Led
(1) ODD Led
Back Panel (4) USB 2.0 Ports
(2) USB 3.0 Ports
(1) Line in jack 1/8”
(1) Line out jack 1/8”
(1) Side surrond out jack 1/8”
(1) Rear surrond out jack 1/8”
(1) Center bass out jack 1/8”
(1) RJ45
(1) CMOS clear button
(1) DVI-I Port
(1) HDMI Port
Drive Bays (1) 5.25" ODD bay
(2) 3.5" HDD bay
Support 2.5" x 2 / 4 HDD, if use accessory PHD3 x 1 /2
Dimension 332(L) x 216(W) x 198(H) mm
Power 500W 80 Plus power supply
Input:100 - 240V AC
Accessories C Multi-Language quick guide
SATA cable X1
XPC DVD Driver Heat-sink compound
Power cord
Expansion Slots (1) PCI-E X16 slot
(1) PCI-E X4 slot
(1) Mini-PCIE (long) socket
(1) Mini-PCIE (Short) socket

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