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Supermicro 7049A-T Workstation PC

Starting At $3099
or as low as $272/month

  • Socket: 3647
  • CPU: Xeon Bronze , Xeon Gold , Xeon Platinum , Xeon Silver
  • Chipset: Intel C621
  • Memory: Up to 2048 GB
  • Storage: Up to 8 hard drives or SSD drives
  • Graphics: Supports up to 2 video cards

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Core Components

Server Platform


(Available Options: 46)

Quantity: Max: 2

Professional Video Card

(Available Options: 24)

Quantity: Max: 2 (Max Qty depends on Server Platform, Video Card)


Quantity: Max: 1 (Max Qty depends on Professional Video Card)

Video Card

(Available Options: 149)

Quantity: Max: 2 (Max Qty depends on Professional Video Card, Server Platform)


(Available Options: 159)

Quantity: Max: 16 (Max Qty depends on Server Platform)

Cooling Fan

Note: 2 additional fans are required when using 160W+ CPU, 180W+ GPU

Quantity: Max: 2

Thermal Compound

(Available Options: 12)


M.2 Storage

(Available Options: 40)

SSD Storage

(Available Options: 72)

Quantity: Max: 8 (Max Qty depends on Drive Bay Conversion Kit)

ADD ON FEATURE: Storage Subsystem Configuration

HDD Storage

(Available Options: 59)

Quantity: Max: 8 (Max Qty depends on Drive Bay Conversion Kit, Server HDD Storage, Server Platform)

Server HDD Storage

(Available Options: 63)

Quantity: Max: 4 (Max Qty depends on Drive Bay Conversion Kit, HDD Storage, Server Platform)

Storage Subsystem Configuration

Boot Drive

Note: SATA DOM (Disk on Module) SATA DOMs are 6Gb/s flash memory modules designed to be conveniently installed into a mainboards SATA connector and provide high performance solid state storage capacity that simulates a hard disk drive. SATA DOMs are extremely reliable and offer great performance, low latency and lower power consumption. Recommended Use: Boot drive, backup recovery device, license drive, OS installation device (replacing CD/DVD-ROMs), or embedded system storage element.

PCI Express Strorage

(Available Options: 13)

Optical Drive

(Available Options: 18)

Quantity: Max: 2 (Max Qty depends on Card Reader, Server Platform)

Card Reader

(Available Options: 8)

Quantity: Max: 1 (Max Qty depends on Optical Drive, Server Platform)

Sound Card

(Available Options: 29)


Wireless Network Card

(Available Options: 49)

Thunderbolt Card


Operating System

Note: We offer Linux! Contact us for installation options.

Operating System Login

Antivirus Software

(Available Options: 7)

Productivity Software