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T248 Racing Wheel Xbox Series X/S for Xbox and Windows

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  • Manufacturer: THRUSTMASTER
  • MPN: 4469026
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T248 Racing Wheel Xbox Series X/S for Xbox and Windows

T248 features a new optimized HYBRID DRIVE system with a mixed belt and gear mechanism for powerful, realistic and versatile Force Feedback.
T248 delivers 70% more power (compared with previous Thrustmaster TMX series hybrid racing wheels) and adds cutting-edge new features including Force Feedback presets that can be changed on the fly in games, magnetic paddle shifters, an interactive screen with more than 20 different displays, and a magnetic pedal set with 4 pressure modes on the brake pedal.
T248 has been designed for all gamers looking for performance and immersion — including those keen to free themselves from their keyboard, mouse or gamepad, and users who want to take their racing to the next level after having started out with a wheel aimed at beginners. This brand-new racing wheel is officially licensed for Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, and is compatible with PC.

  • Premium design with leather wrapping on the outer-facing portion of the wheel
  • Versatile wheel shape, well-suited to all racing game styles
  • Up to 25 action buttons including 2 dual-position encoders on PC
  • Interactive race dashboard with a selection of more than 20 different displays on the wheel’s screen
  • Dynamic Force Feedback: on-the-fly Force Feedback level adjustment (3 preset modes included) via the screen, compatible with all games
  • Magnetic paddle shifters (patented H.E.A.R.T technology) for instant responsiveness, and a super-clear gear shifting feel
  • Magnetic pedal set (patented H.E.A.R.T technology) for incredible 12-bit resolution precision that won’t decrease over time
  • 4 distinct pressure modes on the central pedal for optimized braking according to the configuration and gaming setup (desk, cockpit, stand, etc.)
  • Next-generation HYBRID DRIVE system delivering 70% more power than other Thrustmaster hybrid racing wheels (TMX series)
  • Officially licensed for Xbox; compatible with Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One and PC
Width: 11 inches / 280 mm
Depth: 11.8 inches / 300 mm
Height: 11 inches / 280 mm PEDAL SET
Width: 11.8 inches / 300 mm
Depth: 14.6 inches / 370 mm
Height: 8.3 inches / 210 mm
Weight WHEEL AND BASE : 6 lb / 2,700 g
PEDAL SET : 6.6 lb / 3,000 g
Box contents T248 wheel and base
T3PM pedal set
48 W power supply + power cable
Attachment system + screws
USB cable
Allen key
Quick start guide
Warranty information flyer