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TPR Pendular Rudder

  • SKU: 15064467
  • Manufacturer: THRUSTMASTER
  • MPN: 2960809
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TPR Pendular Rudder

Unrivaled precision, from the designer of the HOTAS Warthog

H.E.A.R.T. (HallEffect AccuRate Technology) technology: 3D Hall effect magnetic sensors. 16-bit precision on 3 axes (rudder / left differential brake / right differential brake): 65,536 values on each axis; 0.005° of precision. The magnets ensure ultra-precise, frictionless action that won’t change over time. Built-in electronics, with the ability to update the device’s firmware.

Ajustability & Versatility!

Springs’ positions can be adjusted, to fine-tune the resistance according to your preferences (two springs are included). Pedals can be adjusted into five positions, at angles between 35° and 75°. For use below desks or onto cockpits.
For Flight Sim gaming: combat and civilian. It is also developed for warbirds closed combat & Space Sim combat maneuvers. For Fighter plane combat, civilian plane, airliner , helicopters, warbirds and spaceship. For solo flight or for flying in formations.

Dimensions Length (cm) 45,6
Width (cm) 33,6
Height (cm) 41,5
Weight 2473 g
Box content 1 TPR rudder
2 metal differential brake pedals to be attached by the user
2 Allen keys (2.5 mm and 3 mm)
2 flat wrenches (8 mm and 14 mm)
user manual and consumer warranty information.