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Built by Supermicro Blade Servers

Building a blade server with AVADirect Custom Computers

Blade servers by AVADirect are designed to shrink the carbon footprint and reduce energy consumption and storage space while delivering best-in-class computational speed. As a result, we can provide the fastest and most cost-effective storage solution in the custom computer and data solutions industries. Supporting remote management, our blade server and super-blade modular servers give the best options for businesses looking for maximum affordability and the ideal return on investment. A blade and modular server can save more than 100 watts of power usage over the standard 1U rackmount server. Blade servers are constructed to reduce overall carbon emissions by design, sticking to our storage solution commitment to big-picture betterment for the global climate.

Big data is a common phrase or buzzword you’ll frequently hear in the business world. As massive volumes of structured and unstructured consumer, industry-specific, and web-based data is now readily available to companies, this vital information needs a powerful yet functional storage solution. In addition, organizations now require real-time access to adopt key performance indicators, empowering companies to make data-driven, accurate decisions. These elaborately designed blade servers by AVADirect are commonly employed when companies need breakthrough storage functionality. As companies expand, reliable data is necessary to make big-time decisions.

With our obligation to create eco-friendly alternatives, we utilize every watt and square inch in these custom-performance machines. Intelligently designed layouts and carefully thought-out airflow solutions work hand-in-hand to usher most heat quickly out the rear of the rack, making it easy to keep these computers cool and operational for long periods at maximum load. In a business world that demands seamless integration, growth, and painless migration, our builds stand alone from any other blade server on the market.