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Google Reviews from AVADirect Customers

Building a PC is a huge investment, and we’d like to make you as comfortable as possible with your custom computer purchase. With over 20 years in the industry as a custom PC builder, AVADirect has worked with many customers to build tons of unique tower desktops, gaming PCs, workstation computers, and servers.
Check out some google reviews from AVADirect customers below.

AVADirect ResellerRatings Customer Reviews

For more than 20 years, ResellerRatings.com has provided consumers a sense of security when purchasing products online through strictly regulated consumer reviews and ratings. Featuring over 10 million reviews, ResellerRatings provides reviews that are broken down to provide easily digestible details regarding shipping, service, pricing and more. AVADirect takes great pride in our ‘Elite’ scoring through ResellerRaings.com. Our strong commitment to personalizing your computer purchasing experience and providing top-tier customer support has distinguished AVADirect in the Custom PC Builder industry.

AVADirect Customer Satisfaction Survey

We’re always looking for customer feedback! Once you receive your AVADirect Custom Computer, we’ll send out an email with our customer satisfaction survey. These surveys are a little extensive, but they provide us with the valuable information we need on where to improve our services. AVADirect takes each study to heart and strives to implement customer feedback into our order process. Below are reviews from customers who opted to fill out our survey.