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With VR making cutting-edge breakthroughs in just about every industry, Price has created new ways for you to engage with engineers, architects, and building owners. Using the new Price Fluid Reality Demo Kit you can transport your clients into an immersive world of dimension and scale that has been modeled using Computational Fluid Dynamics.

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VIVE Certified Reseller

Explore new business ventures and grow and develop your enterprise with VIVE BE, a bundle created specifically to help you improve your business by implementing VR.

  • Integrated
  • Dedicated
    Phone Support
  • 12-month
  • Multi-User

Price Fluid Reality
Demonstration Kit

Drive innovation by working with AVADirect to implement VR into your business.


  • MSI laptop
  • VivePro BE Edition
  • Preloaded with the Price Fluid Reality Virtual Catalog
  • Pelican Travel Case

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VIVE Business Edition is changing how companies do business. Employee training, product development and customer engagement are all being redefined with VIVE BE. Built to scale with your business, the VIVE BE gives you an unprecedented experience, whether you’re sitting, standing or sharing a multi-user environment, made possible with SteamVR™ Tracking technology.


  • SteamVR Base Station 2.0 × 2
  • Base station power adapter × 2
  • Mounting kit
  • Link box
  • USB 3.0 cable
  • DisplayPort™ cable
  • Link box power adapter
  • Link box mounting pad
  • Headset with headset cable
  • Cleaning cloth
  • Earphone hole cap × 2
  • Documentation
  • Controller (2018) (with lanyard) × 2
  • Power adapter × 2
  • Micro-USB cable x 2
Software Distribution and Device Management System

VIVE Pro’s enterprise-grade platform gives your business the flexibility and control it needs to manage software deployments and updates easily and securely. Our Device Management System monitors the VIVE systems on your network and allows you to deploy and manage software and device drivers for all devices behind a firewall.

Premium Service

Receive expedited support to handle all of your triage, diagnostic and repair needs. Expert customer service is available via live chat or email.

Expedited Return and Replacement

If something goes wrong, we have you covered. We’ll deliver a replacement device as quickly as possible to minimize the impact to your business.

Get More with Advantage+

Larger enterprises that utilize multiple VIVE Pro systems should consider Advantage+ to receive support for more components and faster exchanges to minimize downtime.

Advantage Advantage+
COMMERCIAL-USE WARRANTY 2-Year Limited Warranty 2-Year Limited Warranty
COMPONENT COVERAGE Headset + 4 Components Headset + 6 Components
SOFTWARE SUPPORT Device Management System Device Management System
CUSTOMER SUPPORT 1 Business Day Email Response
Expedited Repair Service
Pre-Paid Return Shipping
1 Business Day Email Response
Advanced Exchange
Pre-Paid Return Shipping