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Powered by Asus. Custom Build By AVADirect.
Powered by Asus.
Custom Build By AVADirect.
ASUS components deliver sterling performance, accented by aesthetics to Outshine the Competition. We’ve partnered with ASUS because we take their hardware to levels that other system integrators can only dream about.
Powered by

You name it, we build it. These configurations have been built in development with ASUS in order to bring you the highest possible quality configurations at the lowest price available. Whether you’re looking for a gaming pc, a render station, laptops with portability in mind, or reliable server solutions, our Powered by ASUS configurations will be sure to deliver the performance you crave in the form factor you need.

Ultra-efficient Cooling system
Unlimited Performance
Gaming PCs
Ready for 4k Gaming and Streaming
Portability without Sacrificing Performance
High Capacities with Reliability
The AVADirect

AVADirect is a custom computer manufacturer dedicated to providing their diverse clientele an industry-leading variety of components and customization options. We understand that everyone is not a technical specialist, which is why we have a team of knowledgeable sales executives waiting to help you through the process of configuring your perfect custom PC. All computer systems manufactured by AVADirect are backed up by a best-in-the-industry warranty, personalized customer service, and free, lifetime* technical support.


Let us optimize the processor and graphics card to run faster, while ensuring reliability, stability, and longevity.


Each AVADirect PC is thoroughly tested for up to 72 hours to ensure reliability and stability.


We currently offer a wide range of extensive warranties for notebooks, barebones, servers and desktop systems.


AVADirect computers only come with the software you specify - no programs, utilities or apps you won’t use.

Custom Gaming PCs
Gaming PCs

Dominate the Competition

Is maximum FPS on your mind? AVADirect works with the best and latest ASUS ROG Components to be built into your custom gaming pc so you can ensure you have the power to push the most demanding games in your arsenal.

Customizable ASUS Laptops
ASUS Laptops

Portable but Powerful

AVADirect offers a variety custom ASUS notebook computers for everyone from home users, to gamers, to professionals. Choose from a wide variety of laptops that offer extreme portability, heavy processing power, impressive gaming performance, durability or all-around versatility.


Performance with Reliability

AVADirect designs custom server solutions for home, business, government and research institutions, offering the utmost flexibility and customization in order to match your specific needs and requirements. Our server computers are custom configured and built to order, with the best ASUS Components available, to ensure you receive an exemplary experience.

Powered by ASUS

Powered by ASUS is for those who only accept perfection. Our world-class research-and-development teams are devoted to our company’s motto — In Search of Incredible. Our pursuit of perfection is proven by the 3000+ awards we receive annually. Then, it’s over to our Powered by ASUS partners: select system-builders that create dream machines unavailable elsewhere, from small-form-factor dynamos to giant liquid-cooled beasts. Powered by ASUS means exclusivity. It means performance. It means technology as a work of art. Why consider anything less?

*10% Off All ASUS Powered configurations featured on our ASUS Powered landing page. Price Shown reflects savings. (Discount automatically applied in shopping cart).
** Receive free shipping after sharing AVADirect’s ASUS Page on your choice of social media platform. You will be sent a promo code that will need to be applied directly in the shopping cart. (Offer only applies to desktops found on Powered by ASUS Landing Page.)