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AMD A520 Slim PC

Custom Desktop Computer with latest gen AMD Ryzen processors - Model: 13562491

Starting At $889

Custom assembly SKU 13562491

GTIN/UPC: 840281602506

  • Socket: AM4
  • CPU: Ryzen 3 , Ryzen 5 , Ryzen 7
  • Chipset: AMD A520
  • Memory: Up to 64 GB
  • Storage: Up to 4 hard drives or SSD drives
  • Graphics: Supports up to 1 video cards

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Core Components

Slim Case

(Available Options: 14)


ADD ON FEATURE: Internal USB 2.0 Hub


Note: “Overclocking options for Ryzen are available, but strict criteria must be met. Please contact the Sales department to request our overclocking service with Ryzen processors”

Video Card

(Available Options: 13)

Quantity: Max: 1 (Max Qty depends on Processor, Slim Case)

ADD ON FEATURE: Overclocking


(Available Options: 223)

Note: Memory advertised at high speeds (3200MHz+) may not be guaranteed and rely on several variables in order for a system to run stable, many of which are out of AVADirect’s control. If high-speed memory is important for your system’s intended use, please contact our Sales department to determine what is possible.

Power Supply

(Available Options: 183)

Quantity: Min: 1 (Max Qty depends on Slim Case, Video Card)

CPU Cooler

(Available Options: 18)

Quantity: Min: 1 (Max Qty depends on CPU Liquid Cooling, Motherboard, Processor, Slim Case)

Thermal Compound

(Available Options: 14)

RGB Fan Kit

(Available Options: 29)

Quantity: Max: 1 (Max Qty depends on Additional Fan, Case Lighting, CPU Liquid Cooling, Internal USB 2.0 Hub, Motherboard, Slim Case)

Additional Fan

(Available Options: 81)

Quantity: Max: 6 (Max Qty depends on RGB Fan Kit, Slim Case)

M.2 Storage

(Available Options: 191)

Quantity: Max: 1 (Max Qty depends on Motherboard)

HDD/SSD Storage

(Available Options: 81)

Quantity: Max: 2 (Max Qty depends on HDD Storage, Motherboard, Slim Case)

ADD ON FEATURE: Storage Subsystem Configuration

Quantity: Max: 1 (Max Qty depends on HDD/SSD Storage)

HDD Storage

(Available Options: 24)

Quantity: Max: 2 (Max Qty depends on HDD/SSD Storage, Motherboard, Slim Case)

Optical Drive

(Available Options: 10)

Quantity: Max: 1 (Max Qty depends on Slim Case)

Case Lighting

Wire Management Solution

(Available Options: 50)

Custom Finish


Operating System

(Available Options: 7)

Note: We offer Linux! Contact us for installation options.

Antivirus Software

(Available Options: 21)

Productivity Software

(Available Options: 7)

System Recovery Software

(Available Options: 6)


(Available Options: 19)



(Available Options: 198)


(Available Options: 70)


(Available Options: 74)

Mouse Pads

(Available Options: 39)

Control Device

(Available Options: 9)

VR Headsets


(Available Options: 96)


(Available Options: 7)


(Available Options: 56)

Web Camera

(Available Options: 14)

Sound Card

(Available Options: 8)

Wireless Network Card

(Available Options: 17)

Wireless Routers and Access Points

(Available Options: 33)

Trusted Platform Module

(Available Options: 15)

UPS System

(Available Options: 17)

Surge Protector or Power Strip

(Available Options: 39)

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