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Lenovo 93614PX

Starting At $4719

Custom assembly SKU 14627258

Many server components have extended lead times. In the event your configuration contains components on heavy backorder, our Sales team will notify you how longer ETAs can be avoided

  • Rack Height: 42U
  • Mounting Width: 23.8"
  • Mounting Depth: 47.2"
  • Static Loading: 2100 lbs.

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Core Components

Rack Cabinet

Rackmount LCD Monitor and Keyboard Drawers

ADD ON FEATURE: Optional USB Keyboards

KVM Switches

Quantity: Max: 4
Thermal Management

Rack Airflow Management

Quantity: Max: 10
Power Protection

UPS System

(Available Options: 16)

ADD ON FEATURE: UPS Systems Extended Battery Module

Quantity: Max: 4

0U Power Distribution Units

Quantity: Max: 6

1U Power Distribution Units

(Available Options: 11)


VGA to DVI Conversion Cable

Quantity: Max: 4

Cables for Digital and Analog KVM Console switches

Quantity: Max: 40

Cables for GCM and LCM Console switches

Quantity: Max: 40

Line Cords for 1U Switched and Monitored PDUs

UPS System Management Network Card

UPS System Environmental Monitoring Probe

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