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Starting At $1069

  • Manufacturer: iStarUSA
  • Rack Height: 22U
  • Mounting Width: 19"
  • Mounting Depth: 27.5"
  • Static Loading: 2200 lbs.

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Core Components

Rack Cabinets

Rackmount LCD Monitor and Keyboard Drawers

(Available Options: 11)

KVM Switches

(Available Options: 17)

Network Switches and Routers

(Available Options: 10)

Quantity: Max: 15
Thermal Management

Rack Cooling Accessories

Quantity: Max: 2

Rack Airflow Management

Rack Cabinet Cooling Systems

Power Protection

UPS System

(Available Options: 37)

Surge Protector or Power Strip

(Available Options: 55)


Rackmount Shelf

Rackmount Shelf

Rack Mounting Hardware

Quantity: Max: 22

Cable Mounting Accessories

Quantity: Max: 10

Rack Cable Management Panels and Rings

Quantity: Max: 22

KVM Cables

(Available Options: 13)

Quantity: Max: 22

Network Cables

(Available Options: 8)

Quantity: Max: 50
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