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CP-SV009-250W, Surveillance system UPS and Power Distribution Unit

  • SKU: 10108248
  • Manufacturer: ISTARUSA
  • MPN: CP-SV009-250W
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CP-SV009-250W, Surveillance system UPS and Power Distribution Unit
ClayPower CP-SV009-250W Surveillance System UPS and Power Distribution units keeps your CCTV, DVR/ NVR systems running when surges and brownouts occur. Give yourself the peace and mind in knowing that when any of these things happen, that your system will be running and keeping you safe. Customers have spoken we listened. Offering voltage selection, power failure notification, and bypass switch for battery maintenance. When you buy a UPS you need it to be reliable, easy to use, and communicate to you if something is wrong. Our company has been in the business for 10+ years and knows that dependability is a must when it comes to UPS and your systems.

CP-SV009-250W Surveillance system UPS and Power Distribution Unit.

  • 12VDC/ 9 ports power supply with battery power backup for CCTV cameras
  • 12-13VDC adustable output voltage to enhance video quality for long distance video cable run
  • Automatic voltage regulation (AVR)for wide input operaton voltage and stable output voltage
  • LED indicators for DC power supply and UPS power status
  • 2A/12VDC (2) fuse or PTC (breaker) power protection for high power CCTV cameras
  • Two AC outlets with battery backup and surege protection for DVR and monitor
  • EMI / RFID power line noise filter
Model Number CP-SV009-250W
RoHS Compliance Yes
Dimensions (WxHxD) 13.50" x 12.80" x 4.00"
343 mm x 325 mm x 102 mm
UPS Input: 110/120Vac Or 220/230/240Vac
UPS Output: 9 ports , 12VDC
UPS Capacity: 500VA/250W
UPS Battery Type: 12V 7Ah
UPS Battery QTY: 1