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Data Recovery Center

With a team of certified professionals, AVADirect Data Recovery provides successful solutions using the industry’s cutting-edge data recovery software and equipment. We’ve invested in the latest data recovery software and training to ensure that our technicians provide optimum customer satisfaction. AVADirect Custom Computers takes pride in its ability to provide solutions for the following recovery needs:

Data Recovery Solutions

With any recovery situation, time is of the essence; therefore it is critical and in your best interests to immediately contact an AVADirect data recovery specialist to discuss your options.
Regardless of the type, level or amount of data that is at risk, our single most important priority is to achieve a successful recovery.

Professional overclocking
Hard Drive Data Recovery
Extensive testing
SSD Data Recovery
True custom
raid recovery
Zero bloatware
Database Recovery
Zero bloatware
Operating System Recovery
Zero bloatware
Tape Recovery
Zero bloatware
USB File Recovery
Zero bloatware
Digital Photo Recovery
Zero bloatware
Apple Recovery

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you get my data back?

When a hard drive is received by AVADirect, the first step is to evaluate the “damages”, and then determine what recovery solution will be necessary and is most cost efficient for the client. Reviewing pricing fixed and variable pricing options with the customer eliminates miscommunication and ensures our clients of no hidden fees. Upon receipt of the signed service agreement after the analysis of the media the retrieval of the lost data is begun in our certified facility.

My storage device was not damaged physically but is not working properly, can you identify what is wrong and restore my data?

If the drive failure is a logical issue, then a scan of the drive will be performed to try and repair the file system corruption. Sometimes a partition can be repaired and the drive restored to the status that it was before the failure. If this is not possible, then a very low-level scan will be performed that essentially searches every sector of the hard drive for files. Once the files are located, they can then be copied to the media of choice, i.e. a CD-ROM, DVD-ROM or another hard drive. Logical recoveries can take an enormous amount of time, especially if the drive is on the verge of physical failure. Allow for one day of scanning and a day for recovering the found files.

My storage device was damaged physically and is no longer working, can you restore my data?

If the drive has suffered a physical failure, then the recovery procedure is quite a bit more challenging. There are really two sub-categories of physical failure; mechanical and electronic. An important element in recovering data from a physical failure is having the necessary parts to get the drive functioning again. These repairs generally require soldering skills and a thorough knowledge of electronics to be successfully completed.

How long does it take to recover my data?

The time frame for recovery is generally 3-7 business days for physical issues and 2-5 days for logical issues. However, if it is an emergency we provide expedited services. If components are not readily available, then it may take weeks to complete the recovery. Upon request expedited services are available. After your data is recovered, it’s returned on the media of your choice (hard drive, CD, DVD, tape, USB drive).