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Schooner Fanless VGA Cooler w/ Heatpipe

SKU: 2508001

Manufacturer: THERMALTAKE

MPN: CL-G0009

Availability: Low Stock

Price: $56.35
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Schooner Fanless VGA Cooler w/ Heatpipe


  • Internal Heatpipe Module brings heat from GPU directly
  • High performance fanless GPU cooler, 0dB cooling solution, reduce total system noise
  • No cooling fan is required, stay cool without suffering the fan noise
  • Much better heat dissipation is delivered by larger heat sink surface
  • Internal and external heatpipe modules dissipate the heat efficiently
  • Universal clip for both NVIDIA and ATI
    (NOTICE: CL-G0009 does not support VGA card with HSI bridge chip)


P/N CL-G0009
Compatibility Both nVIDIA / ATi video cards for
AGP or PCI Express
Heatsink Material Aluminum
Heat Dissipation (Surface Area) Main front heatsink:1159cm
Main back heatsink:446cm
External heatpipe module:516cm
Heatpipe Internal: 5mm x 2 and copper base
External: 5mm x 2 and copper fins
Weight 514g