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Venturi HP-14 Black/White 140mm, 1200 RPM, 118.2 CFM, 26.5 dBA, Cooling Fan

SKU: 12784602

Manufacturer: Fractal Design


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Price: $22.08
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High Flow Series fans are optimized for open airflow environments, making them an excellent choice for computer cases and enclosures where effective cooling and absolute silence are top priority. Through the combination of experienced design and a full ensemble of performance enhancing, noise-suppressing technology, Venturi fans create amazing airflow while remaining nearly inaudible. The Venturi HF is the ideal fan for the true enthusiast seeking a perfect fusion of superior airflow, silent operation, and enduring reliability. White.

  • Featuring true FDB-bearings, providing silent operation coupled with a long lifespan
  • Equipped with a counter-balanced magnet that reduces the axial tension on the bearing
  • Features integrated vibration-dampening corners, made from solid high-quality synthetic rubber
  • Dense, sturdy construction, made from high-grade glass fiber reinforced thermoplastic polymer
  • Fan geometry is optimized for a ground-breaking airflow, perfect for low-restriction usage scenarios such as computer case ventilation and low-density heatsinks or radiators.
  • Aerodynamically shaped thin stator struts reduce noise and unwanted turbulence
  • Strategically placed notches on the blades further reduce and diffuse any humming noise produced when the blades pass the stator struts
  • The trip wire technology introduces a micro-turbulent layer that combats elements that negatively affect performance, resulting in quieter operation
  • Featuring a powerful motor to maintain a reliable speed and a low-speed adapter for reducing the speed without the use of a fan controller
  • 140mm fans come with an additional set of vibration-dampening corners are included that lends compatibility with 120mm fan mounts (105mm screw spacing). This enables the use of 140mm fans on many CPU coolers.
  • Available in 120mm and 140mm fan sizes
  • Available in two color combinations, Black blades, black corners, dark grey ("Gunmetal") frame and White blades, black corners, black frame
Fan HF-14
Size [mm] 140*140*25mm
Colors available Black blades, black corners, dark grey ("Gunmetal") frame White blades, black corners, black frame
Screw hole pattern 125*125mm 105*105mm
Connector 3-pin fan header
Bearing FDB
Number of blades 11
Rotational speed [RPM] 1200
Acoustical noise [dB (A)] 26.5
Maximum air flow [CFM] 118.2
Maximum air flow [m3/h] 200.8
Maximum pressure [mm H2O] 0.95
Actual input power [W] 2.2
Maximum rated input current [A] 0.3
Nominal input voltage [V] 12V
Minimum startup voltage [V] 4V
Low speed adapter speed 850 RPM
Low speed adapter Static pressure 0.59 mm H2O
Low speed adapter Air flow 78.5 CFM 133.4 m3/h
Low speed adapter Noise level 18.3 dB (A)
MTBF [hours] 150,000
Unit weight [g] 202
Package weight [g] 260
Cable length [mm] 500
Cable type Braided all-black ribbon wire
Packaging dimensions [mm] ( Including hanging tab) 200*142*30
Packaging dimensions [mm] (Excluding hanging tab ) 167*142*30