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Blaze it!

Custom Gaming PC Ready to
Smoke the Competition

Built in collaboration for Sean O’Malley, this gaming PC features a custom AVADirect liquid cooling reservoir and heavily embraces Sean’s chilled-out vibe. Packed with the best components, Sean will easily be able to take down his enemies in Fortnite as he does in the ring!

xXblazeiTXx z590 Custom Gaming PC

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High Performance Gaming
Customized Without Compromise
This beast of a gaming desktop was built to be able to handle every game with the perfect combination of graphic quality and stable framerates without missing a step when you’re ready to turn stream on. Most importantly, we were able to bring this chosen theme to life, and we hope our little touches add a little personalization that embrace Sean’s brand as an MMA Fighter.
Unmatched CPU Power
Packed with 8 cores and 16 thread, Intel’s i9-11900KF is a performance powerhouse
Incredible GPU Performance
Can’t have a high-end gaming PC without an ASUS ROG Strix RTX 3080.
Ultra-Fast Memory
Running multiple programs at once will be no problem with 32 GB of G.Skill Trident Z Royal DDR4.
3TB of total storage, featuring a 1TB Western Digital m.2 Black SN850 SSD and 2TB Samsung EVO 860.

Sean O’ Malley!
Meet our Inspiration

Whether the match is in the ring or online, Sean is equipped to pack a punch!

Sean's Twitch

Gaming PC that Packs a Punch!
Stream, Game and More

Configured with an Intel i9-11900KF and ASUS ROG Strix RTX 3080, blaze it! demonstrates what maximum gaming performance truly is. For a little elegance and a lot of light, we chose 32 GB GSkill Trident Royal Z DDR4 3200 MHz RAM housed in an ASUS Strix Z590-E Gaming motherboard.

Incredible Speed and Data Processing
Memory and Storage

32 GB of DDR4 RAM seems like a little overkill for a gaming PC, but it’s quickly eaten up when streaming! Running multiple applications like OBS, Discord, Chrome tabs and your game really pushes your PC to process a lot of programs simultaneously. We’ve decked out Sean’s PC with enough RAM to handle every application needed.

Don’t forget about storage space! Especially as a streamer. You’ll need plenty of room for your overlays, game files, emotes and more. Sean’s build has 1 TB Western Digital Black SN850 PCIe 4.0 x4 NVMe m.2 for OS installation and his most used games and applications, plus an additional 2TB Samsung 860 SSD for everything else.

Up to
64 Gb
DDR4 memory
Up to
3200 MHz
Memory Speed
Up to
7/5 Gb/s
Read/Write Speed
Up to
3 Tb
Storage Space
Cool As a Cucumber
Chill Out and Relax

Things tend to heat up when you push your PC to the max. Liquid cooling helps keep those temperatures down to maintain longevity and stability in your components. Equipped with a custom-built premiere Alphacool hardline liquid cooling system with its own custom AVADirect O’Malley Reservoir, this PC is ready to stream for hours on end with steady temperatures.

Little things matter the most

At AVADirect, we know it’s the little touches that matter the most. Sean gave us creative control on this PC, and we went all out. Our technician Airbrushed interior and exterior portions of the PC-011, sticker bombed the IO cover and graphics card plate with decals to make sure we got the theme across. A custom AVADirect O’Malley reservoir stores our liquid cooling coolant, dyed particularly to resemble some well-loved water. To top it all off, we decked the build out with custom cabling thanks to Mainframe Customs to tie the entire system together, as well as neat cable management for improved airflow and easy upgrading in the future.

Want Sean’s PC?
Well you can’t have it.


  • Lian Li PC-011 Dynamic Case
  • Intel Core i9-11900KF
  • ASUS Strix Z590-E Gaming
  • ASUS ROG Strix RTX 3080 O10G Gaming
  • 32 GB GSkill Trident Royal Z
  • 1 TB Western Digital Black SN850 m.2
  • 2 TB Samsung Evo 860
  • AVADirect Custom Liquid Cooling Reservoir
  • Alphacool Premiere Custom Liquid Cooling Kit
  • Mainframe Customs Sleeved Cables
  • AVADirect Custom Experience

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