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GRID+ V2 Digital 6-Channels Fan Controller

SKU: 9977750

Manufacturer: NZXT


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The GRID+ V2 combines intuitive software and variable installation options to provide a simple, unobtrusive solution for digital fan control. With CAM support, the GRID+ V2 allows you to name your PC’s fans and adjust fan speeds easily using versatile presets or custom fan profiles.

  • Six fan ports line the sides of the GRID+ V2, while two included splitters allow you to control up to eight fans using a single GRID+.
  • Custom fan naming allows you to effortlessly control specific individual fans using CAM software.
  • Preset fan profiles allow easy control, while our custom fan profiles allow you to create your own fan curve and have GRID+ V2 raise/lower fan speeds based on temps.
  • Full mobile control is planned to be released in 2016 on Android and iOS through our CAM Mobile platform.
  • Keep your PC safe with built-in over/under-volt and short circuit protection.
  • The small form factor of the GRID+ V2 allows you to discreetly install it anywhere in your case, making cable management easy.
Model Number AC-GRDP2-M1
Dimensions 73mm x 18mm x 73mm
Material Plastic
Fan Control Controlled via CAM Software
Included Accessories 5 x Zipties
2 x 3-Pin Female to 4-Pin/3-Pin Y extension cables
1 x Molex to phone jack connector
1 x Micro-USB cable
Product Weight 94.2g
UPC 815671012593
EAN 5060301692880
Fan Connector Quantity 6
Maximum Combined Wattage 30
Mounting 3M Dual Lock
Input Connector 12V with Molex 4-Pin connector
Warranty 2 Years