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LCLC CPU Liquid Cooling System, Socket LGA1156/1366/775, OEM

SKU: 4735689

Manufacturer: ASETEK

MPN: LCLC+35-150-2000013

Availability: Discontinued

Price: $72.94
or as low as $6/month

Based on its proprietary IP, Asetek has developed a small, integrated device that offers not only the value proposition for the OEM and ODM, but also for the end user.

Advanced technology - a simple and atraightforward value proposition

Traditionally, liquid cooling was only relevant for the enthusiast markets - that is until Asetek’s solution. Up until now liquid cooling systems have always had one or more drawbacks, such as being bulky and built of many separate components interconnected by a lot of hoses, high cost, insufficient reliability and life span. All this is history now, as Asetek has changed the standard for how liquid cooling is made, thereby making liquid cooling a compelling choice for any OEM or ODM.

The cornerstones in making this possible and get rid of the well known drawbacks with liquid cooling has been a number of unique inventions and innovations (Asetek is very focused on IP. We apply for patents on all innovation and inventions we do. At this point in time Asetek has several granted patents and numerous pending applications):

  • Integration of pump, water reservoir, cold plate and electronics in one compact unit
    By integrating all these components in to one small unit that is actually smaller than most heat sinks on the market our LCLC will fit all computers where there would be room for a cooler anyway. The Asetek LCLC unit complieswith all “keep out areas” on motherboards as such specified by the CPU manufacturers. The LCLC will fit small form factors and rack servers down to 2U (a 1U unit is on its way).

    In addition the monolithic structure of Asetek’s cooling system is very easy/cost-effective to manufacture. And even more important the simple structure allows for a high reliability and an industry standard life time of 50.000 hours with no leaks or faulty pumps! The life time and reliability of the LCLC is tested and validated by a 3rd party lab. Life time report is available upon request.

    Finally by having a monolithic and compact structure mounting the LCLC at the PC/server
    manufacturer's production line is easy to do and is very similar to mounting a traditional cooler as the LCLC uses the same fastening means as traditional heat sinks.

  • State of the art low cost AC/DC hybrid pump Asetek saw that AC and DC pumps had different advantages (and disadvantages). Typically DC-based pumps are high performing but at the same time complex in nature and expensive. At the other hand AC-based pumps are very reliable and low cost. By combining the best from both technologies we have developed a hybrid technology low power high performance, high reliable but low cost pump. Typically a 10th the cost of industry grade pumps!

  • Low pressure drop cold plate
    There are basically two ways of obtaining high cold plate performance; 1. using micro channels with a high pressure drop and low flow. And 2. using a high flow low pressure drop cold plate. In a high pressure drop system flexibility is usually low as adding more cold plates will prevent the pump from being able to provide an adequate flow or put too much stress and strain on the pump bearings.

    In the Asetek LCLC we use a low pressure drop system and the benefit is that the system is ultra flexible. For instance with only one pump the LCLC is capable of cooling 2x 130W CPU’s and 2x 240W graphics adaptors – or in other words providing flow for 4 cold plates and removing 750W!

Product Features:

  • Integrated pump, reservoir and cold plate in one compact device that is smaller than a traditional heat sink
  • The possibility of daisy chaining cold plates can provide cooling for multiple components, such as 2x CPU or CPU plus graphics
  • Few joints, which eliminates potential leaks
  • Sealed and charged for its lifetime, with no worries about leaks or liquid evaporation
  • Industry standard maintenance-free lifetime of 50,000 hours! (certified by independent lab)
  • Fast and foolproof installation at the OEM, as it is mounted the same way and with the same means as current solutions
  • Building block principle. The solution can be tailored to accommodate different form factors, performance and noise levels. Possibility for system board cooling, for instance, cooling several components on a graphics card


  • Lifetime: 50,000 hours [MTTF]
  • Noise level: <28 dBA2
  • System performance: Rth ≈ 0.13 °C / W3
  • Cold plate performance: Rth ≈ 0.06 °C / W3
  • Compliance: UL, CE, RoHS. Shock and vibration according to IEC 60068
  • Application range: storage -40°C / 85°C, operation 0°C / 35°C
  • Platform compatibility: Various AMD and Intel platforms. Custom solutions available upon request
  • Rated voltage/power: 12VDC / 2.5W
  • Pump: Asetek proprietary AC/DC hybrid technology with high-precision ceramic bearings
  • Flow rate: 60 l /hour
  • Tests: 100% helium leakage testing
  • Materials: Low permeable plastics for housing and hoses
  • Liquid: Nontoxic, nonflammable liquid that does not expand with changes in temperature
  • Daisy-chain option
  • Manufactured at ISO-certified and recognized manufacturing plants in Asia
  • Heat Exchangers: From 80 – 2x120mm. Custom size available upon request

1 Tested and verified by independent, certified lab. Please contact us for more details on test report.
2 Depending on heat exchanger form factor, desired air flow, etc. This test was performed with a 120mm single heat exchanger.
3 Depending on CPU area (heat flux), heat exchanger, desired air flow, noise, etc. This test was performed on a 2,25 x 2,25cm copper thermal test vehicle with 250W load, 35°C ambient and 28 dBA noise level.