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We are nothing without our customers!

Our customers recognize the truly custom buying experience and craftsmanship in production when purchasing their computer. They can discern what is real and what is fancy window dressing they receive from other “boutique” company’s. We know our customers, we know what they expect from a custom build, and we are proud to deliver on that expectation!

At AVADirect we take customer service very seriously. Each of our customers are served by a knowledgeable and dedicated team of experts to assist in system configurations, order processing, and technical support after the sale. We also pride ourselves on our commitment to attention to detail and our craftsmanship of each custom computer built. We encourage our customers to provide testimonials of their experience with us on our Reseller Ratings page so our future customers can get an idea of the level of commitment, service and satisfaction we provide. Thank you for being great customers!

"Excellent job considering that PC customization must be a relatively low margin business. Your prices were exactly the same as it would be for me to buy the components and build the system myself AND you prvide testing as well as a 3 yr warranty and someone to call if I have trouble. Well done!! I hope you stay in business for a long time. I've already recommended you to 3 friends who have bought from you."


"So with the professional build, setup of Windows, and the 3 yr warranty, it was a no brainer."


"The people behind AVADirect know how to build the most exotic and complex computers in the world using the latest tech. It's also their goal to make every customer 100% satisfied with their purchase. The staff are friendly and caring and they always answer the phones whether you are contacting the sales or the tech-support. They stand behind their product years after you've made the purchase which speaks a lot of their integrity."


"AVADirect helped me design the perfect computer! Their customer service and support helped me through the design process, which was quick and easy. Their pricing was terrific, too!"


"There was not one thing about AVADirect I was displeased with. As I go off to college next year and I would see myself as a somewhat avid gamer, AVADirect had the laptop I needed. The great thing was I was able to customize everything within the laptop.

What I was impressed with most is their customer service. If I had a question, a representative always responded with a nice, informative response.

If you're going to order a custom laptop, AVADirect is the way to go."


"By far the BEST support offered by any company offering custom PC builds out there. I've got quotes from other companies, but AVA… helped adjust my order before it was even placed to provide me with the best possible system for my buck! I couldn't be any happier with the fast responses thorough the ENTIRE build from Start to even days beyond me receiving my system. This system is blazing fast, liquid smooth and beyond exceeds my expectations! It’s even amazes my friends and family. I highly recommend AVA Direct to anyone wanting a new PC or Laptop, from my personal experience, there the best!"


"We needed a new custom computer for research purposes that had several legacy PCi slots, and AVADirect did a great job in quoting and building such a system. The best part of the process was the very rapid and responsive email communication, which made the selection of components and dealing with the ordering process amazingly easy. And the quote has a very helpful direct link to place the order. I've already ordered two more computers from AVA.

Highly recommended for a custom system."


"I ordered a custom PC from AvaDirect and have been using it for about two weeks now. I have come to realize in this time that the computer I ordered is (one of) the best purchases I've made. I communicated back and forth with (AVADirect Customer Service agent) numerous times attempting to fine-tune my selection to my budget, and he always replied almost immediately with suggestions until I reached my current computer selection. The workmanship on the inside and outside of the computer is unrivaled. I haven't been this impressed with a company before. Also, their customer service is just as amazing as the products they supply. I plan to return to AvaDirect for my future computer purchases for my wife and myself."


"My experience with AVA-Direct was absolutely wonderful. They have a very wide selection of components. Much better than other sites I've visited.

The technician assigned to my machine was excellent! He kept me well informed of what was going on throughout the process. When a particular component I chose was either incompatible or not available, he recommended parts that were of even better quality than my original choices at no additional cost.

The machine arrived even sooner than anticipated, and the workmanship was perfect. The machine is beautiful both inside and out. Based on this experience with AVA-Direct I will never buy another off the shelf store bought computer again. I am now an AVA-Direct customer for life."


"I have been very pleased with both the quality product provided as well as follow up to ensure I received what I needed. Great company who does a great job! I shopped around and could not beat their price anywhere, which was an important concern. Now that I have the computer I am amazed by the build quality. Great company all the way around."


"As a professional graphic artist, photographer, designer, I am very, very particular about my needs for a custom computer. The Folks at AVAdirect were super good at working with me to build my dream system. Great communication back and forth during the creation, build and shipping of my unit. My first few days with the new system have been flawless. It is blazingly fast, ultra quiet and loaded with features that make me the envy of many of my colleagues. Super Job, well done."


"Excellent customer support through email and phone from pre-order to during build process to post order. Packaging of custom computers excellent. Build quality perfect…"


"I ordered a gaming PC from AVADirect in July and couldn't be happier with the quality of the build and customer service. This rig is quiet even though it has an abundance of fans (which I ordered) to keep everything cool… This is my 2nd custom PC from AVADirect, and I have been very pleased with the experience from start to finish both times."


"This computer surpassed my highest expectations, and I will definitely be getting any future computers from them. The price was competitive for the high quality I expected, and the warranty surpassed any over-the-counter standards commonly available from retail outlets."


"For those of you interested in seeing first-hand the beautiful workmanship the AVA team does, check out their Facebook and twitter pages. They post a lot of pictures of their projects and other cool things that I swear will make you drool. I am seriously going to drop AVAs name anytime anyone I know mentions they need a new PC. They can fit any budget, with some products as little as a few hundred bucks… Overall I am super satisfied with my 3200 dollar gaming monster that giggles at everything I throw at it."


"Two time purchaser here who has run his business and gamed mercilessly on AVA machines for over 5 years. Extremely pleased and would recommend to anyone in market for custom build rig."


"I am completely satisfied with the product they sold me not only because of its complete customization to my needs but also because of the price - it is very competitively priced with other custom PC builders."


"AVA Direct is a TOP NOTCH company. I will continue to do business with them in the future. I am a retired computer consultant and know the business. They build custom computers as I would. Something hard to find today. Also, their Tech Support is GREAT if you have any problems. Again, something you don't find today."


"What won me over was that AVADirect offered QUIET gaming PC's. Noise level has been a pet peeve of mine for years. Also, the choice of components available for customization is awesome. I was able to customize my new PC to match systems that are offered by the 'hardcore gaming pc' builders for twice the money. And it's QUIET. Can't hear any noise from it sitting on my desk playing games in 1920x1080 in highest quality.

I should also mention the packaging. I'm always worried that my computers get dropped and thrown around no matter how much I pay for delivery. But with AVADirect's packaging they may as well shoot them from a catapult - it's that good."


"AVADIRECT is the place to purchase your next computer. Extremely knowledgeable staff, world-class support before, during and after the build is complete. Excellent quality from the packaging to the materials and craftsmanship to machine performance."


"Excellent customer service. Excellent build quality. Great choices for components. Operating system was set up properly, with no bloatware. I've built my own systems, ordered from other online retailers, but now will refer everyone to AVADirect, and I will absolutely be a return customer."


"This is a great company to work with. Everything from ordering to delivery was smooth. Sales person is friendly and knowledgeable. He was very responsive and showed great attention to my needs. I have received the system even earlier than it was promised. Build quality is excellent. They included reports for all burn-in tests they performed. They even shipped all components (cables etc.) from chassis and motherboard retail packages, which were not used in my build. It was obvious that they paid attention to every detail. I will definitely buy from them again."


"Very pleased with the product and the company. Assembled very well and the standard custom wiring is exceptional… I was very surprised to receive the PC faster than expected even with the special order case."


"Packaging was fantastic, I really liked the foam insert that was inside the computer. It actually forms to the shape of the inside of the computer to protect the parts and prevent them from coming loose.

Responses through their website forum are fast and courteous… All in all, I'd say it was a very good experience and I'm very happy with my purchase."


"As far as what I love about AVA, when you order you can take a base configuration or you can swap components for more/less expensive replacements to get your dollars to focus on the areas that are important to you."


"Endless customization options, every major brand and newest and latest parts available. Great build quality, the inside of my PC is flawless, (and) they've done a beautiful job running cables. When comparing same build on other major pc boutique websites averaged anywhere from 20%-30% more for same build."


Check out our Reseller Ratings page to hear from hundreds of happy AVADirect Customers!

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