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AVADirect is proud to announce the newly redesigned website! The primary mission of the site redevelopment was to enrich the custom computer shopping experience through an interactive interface by expanding the platforms for communication; fostering user involvement. We have refined the site layout, user navigation, and customizable configurations to give site visitors a valuable, and reliable browsing experience. By modifying the central framework of our search function and configurators, we aim to provide the most precise component information at the click of a button. New website features include:

  • Crisp New Layout - We've redesigned our site, implementing elegance through our improved visuals and interactive content
  • Improved Site Navigation - Our new toolbar allows users to browse effortlessly with drop down navigation. We've broken down all your favorite page destinations with informative product descriptions through our expansive product lines
  • Killer Configurators - We have enhanced the custom configuration process by including our high-end components with accurate parameters, comprehensive filter features, and useful product recommendations
  • Refined Search Result - Our dynamic filtering and component segmentation will help you pinpoint exactly what you're looking for seamlessly
  • Advanced Checkout - We have optimized our checkout process to provide a smoother shopping experience
  • Enhanced User Accounts - Through our new user account features, we also provide active quotes, the ability to track your recent orders, and offer sharable wish-lists. For existing customers, we provide a messaging service that directs your concerns to the attention of the appropriate department / personnel to assure prompt and accurate responses

We offer the ultimate in custom computers through our industry-leading products and services. In a world connected through technology, the AVADirect Community enables you, our users, to effectively interact with us and one another.

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AVADirect Custom Computers
If you purchase and 4th gen Intel® Core I5™ or Intel® Core I7™ system or processor, you are eligible to receive FREE GAME DOWNLOADS. Included in this bundle are Shadowrun Returns*, GRID Autosport*, Star Chart*, and McAfree LiveSafe*.

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AVADirect Custom Computers
With the growing success of NVIDIA's GeForce Experience, it made perfect sense to build upon a foundation of software that is enriching the gaming experience for millions of enthusiasts. NVIDIA strives to increasingly improve their driver support for NVIDIA graphics cards, so it's no surprise to see the NVIDIA GeForce Experience follow suit.

NVIDIA GeForce Experience 2.0 introduces additional stability to improve all core functionality of the software, including: Automatic driver updates, game optimizations, Shadowplay, NVIDIA SHIELD streaming, and direct access to NVIDIA's home page.
AVADirect Custom Computers
Today AVADirect announced they are now selling the new Nvidia GTX 780 Ti graphic processing unit. Using a similar die design to the GTX 780 (and TITAN), the NVIDIA GTX 780 Ti graphics card offers unlocked cores to stretch the dollar of all enthusiasts/gamers for their upcoming system purchases or upgrades. The "Ti" moniker, for NVIDIA, has always meant two key characteristics: Improved performance, and improved cooling at an exceptional value. Based on the history of NVIDIA die designs, the GTX 780 Ti is not a card that disappoints, or dismisses the opportunity of improving performance on a graphics-based level.
AVADirect Custom Computers
AVADirect are now selling the new Nvidia GTX 770 & 760 graphic processing units. Using a similar die design to the GTX 780, the GTX 770 & 760 graphics processing units utilize the next generation SMX streaming multiprocessor, built from a tantalizingly-new GPU die design, to provide an efficient level of mid-range graphics card performance that was once quite pricey, but now considerable an substantial value. Considering NVIDIA's drive to develop and provide a multilevel of graphics processing units, the GTX 770 & 760 are the product of efficient graphics component manufacturing that will become a asset to gaming/graphics design.
AVADirect Custom Computers
Today AVADirect announced they are now selling the new Nvidia GTX 780 graphic processing unit. Using a similar die design to the GTX TITAN, the GTX 780 graphics processing unit utilizes the next generation SMX streaming multiprocessor, built from a fresh new GPU die design, to provide an ultimate level of single graphics card performance that was once unthinkable. Considering NVIDIA's drive to develop and provide high performance graphics processing units, the GTX 780 is the product of perfect graphics component manufacturing that will become an essential part of extreme gaming/graphics design.
AVADirect Custom Computers
AVADirect is no stranger to extensive workstation builds. What makes us different from other builders is our drive to continuously update our custom-built offerings with new, innovate, and power-driven configurations that allow end-users to complete tasks that were never thought possible. With that being said, AVADirect has launched a new configuration which features dual eight-core XEON E5 processors 512GB of RAM, multi-GPU support: The Dual Xeon® E5 C602 16-DIMM Eight-Core Graphics Computer Workstation.
AVADirect Custom Computers
AVADirect, a leading provider of custom server systems, is the first system builder to offer 2U server system with support for up to four GPU or Tesla card units. Never has the industry seen or utilized such a solution, so AVADirect was quick to support and provide such a solution for professionals and end-users to use to their advantage.
AVADirect Custom Computers
We are pleased to announce that AVADirect now offers a one-of-a-kind Supermicro rack-mountable system that will, for the first time ever, allow a QUAD-SLI NVIDIA graphics or Tesla solution, alongside additional expansion cards. In addition to the graphics capabilities provided by the Supermicro 4U Tesla HPC Dual-XEON E5 QUAD-SLI Rack Tower, the system supports Intel Socket 2011 Xeon E5 processors and up to 512GB of ECC registered memory, or 192GB of ECC un-buffered memory. A more impressive point is this system's ability to include all the above, along with 8x 3.5in hot-swap bays and a massive 1620w redundant power supply set.
AVADirect Custom Computers
Fractal Design cases have been used in a plethora of AVADirect Custom Desktop Configuration within the past year, most specifically in the quiet and low-noise systems. Naturally, AVADirect created a partnership to improve the ability to offer continuous custom, and unique solutions to end-users. From Sweden, home of many innovative product, Fractal Design was created on the basis of offering a new line of cases that add sleek, appealing designs for home users. Fractal Design has made a large impact within the industry for their cases ability to reduce noise that end-users have been forced to deal with. Now, our customers can enjoy the fruits of Fractal Designs innovate work by selecting any of their cases designs within our Custom Desktop Configurations.