In the computing industry, it's typical to encounter critical components with brief lifespans. Manufacturers regularly introduce updated versions, which might not always align with existing platforms, causing compatibility concerns. This can pose challenges for manufacturers relying on particular software that isn't compatible with newer components. Collaborating with AVADirect to manage your solutions' product lifecycle ensures minimal downtime for your company.

Advantages of PLM

What is Product Lifecycle Management

Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) encompasses the strategic oversight of a product's entire journey, spanning from initial conception through development, service, and disposal. It empowers businesses to concentrate on their internal initiatives without being hindered by the lifecycle or trajectory of the products involved. For instance, if a company aims to introduce a product or service with a 3-year lifecycle, but crucial components have shorter lifespans of 1-2 years, sustainability becomes a concern. AVADirect Custom Computers addresses this challenge effectively through its Product Lifecycle Management solutions.

Shelf with the PC components
Shelf with the PCs

Exploring AVADirect's Approach to Product Lifecycle Management

Businesses worldwide opt for AVADirect Custom Computers due to our expertise in delivering tailor-made desktop PCs, workstations, or servers that precisely meet each company's unique requirements. Our systems heavily depend on sourcing and integrating distinctive components, which are frequently updated or have short lifespans. With the dedication of our clients, AVADirect Custom Computers can stock, oversee, and furnish these critical components for enduring solutions. This ensures the consistency and availability of components vital for supporting our clients' business growth and prosperity.

Advantages of Product Lifecycle Management

By leveraging AVADirect's Product Lifecycle Management program, a business can avoid many obstacles, including
hardware validation processes
Lengthy internal hardware validation processes

Many businesses require hardware validation for the PCs they use, both internally and externally. This means that even a single change to the components in a customized system could require the entire hardware to be validated. This requirement has the potential to delay entire projects, resulting in increased business expenses or reduced profitability for the final product's customers.

Product consistency

After a company has developed a product that is ready for launch, it is crucial to maintain consistency in the product's design and features. This helps to ensure that customers can easily recognize the brand and have consistent expectations from the product. Changing the product frequently can lead to false impressions and result in a loss of business or reduced brand confidence. By maintaining product consistency, companies can build brand recognition and trust, which can lead to positive outcomes and business growth.

Performance variables
Performance variables

Many of our clients choose AVADirect Custom Computers for entertainment purposes. Whether you are a VR arcade, leverage simulation for training, or own an eSports establishment, providing consistent performance is essential to ensure the experience is the same and as expected. Even with minor component changes, performance can be affected in the form of frames per second, stability, or even crashes. Ensuring the same product is provided for the long term will also ensure the performance remains consistent for the lifecycle of your product.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is PLM (Product Lifecycle Management)?

PLM is product lifecycle management. This is a series of strategies that consider how to manage a product when the conditions of which it is sold are changed over time (such as a critical component in your infrastructure being replaced with incompatible models).

What is PLM Software?

PLM software integrates a ton of data from multiple programs to provide visibility into the design process. This is not what we are talking about on this page. The employees at AVADirect are our software solution pertaining to computer solutions built by AVADirect.

What is a PLM system?

A PLM system is a piece of technical equipment developed to run PLM software. Not what we are referring to on this page, but something that we are quite capable of! If you are interested in building a PC to run PLM software, check out our workstation PCs or contact sales.